Charm Square Exchange

Charm Square is Currently On Hold

Charm Squares have been discontinued until further notice.

How to Participate in the Charm (5″) Squares Exchange

  1. Please use only quilt store fabric. If you use batik fabric, please pre-wash. Cut off the selvages before cutting the fabric into the charm squares.
  2. If you do more than one pack of charms (5″ fabric squares), please put each one in a separate ziplock bag with your name on each. Please do not use sandwich bags as the fabric just doesn’t fit in them.
  3. Use the same fabric for each pack; if you do more than one, you can use a different fabric.
  4. You can sign up at the guild meeting, or e-mail Karen Scott.
  5. You have until the 15th of the month to sign up via email. After that date, Karen will publish to the Yahoo group how many pairs of 5″ fabric squares are needed and the amount of fabric to buy.
  6. Final counts are published in the newsletter.
  7. Please remember to bring the correct fabric that is being exchanged that month.  If you get to the meeting and realize you bought the wrong fabric, just let one of us know.  We all make mistakes.


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