Chair: Kristen Smith

Directory Editor
Chair: Stephanie Dodson
Responsible for securing advertising and the publication of the directory.

Chair: Mindy Peterson
Maintains a history of Guild activities.

Chair: Joan Horton
Members: Lang Davis, Maxine Horton, Dottie Salchow
Treats are to be brought to each meeting by those individuals with a birthday that month.

Chair: Jeanette Baumler
Members: Julie Anderson, Sarah Coiner
Maintains and transports library property, purchase books, magazines and / or DVDS upon approval of the board.

Chair: Stephanie Dodson
Members: Mary Strege, Susan Tuttle, Nancy Taylor
Greets members and guests, provides new members with a roster and membership card, pin, and maintains a current membership list.

Newsletter Editor
Chair:  Joan Horton

Chairs: Barbara Alsup and Gayla Spurlock
Members:  Lori Lange, Ibby Rollert, Carla Timberlake
Responsible for providing speakers for the guild.

Opportunity Quilt 2019
Members:  Lynn Droege, Ibby Rollert
Coordinates the planning and construction of the quilt.

Opportunity Quilt 2020
Members:  Joan Horton, Maggie Van Brunt, Maxine Horton

Opportunity Quilt Tickets 
Chair: Open
Responsible for distribution and sale of tickets and to conduct the drawing for the opportunity quilt.

P.D.Q. (Projects Done by Quilters)
Chair: Wilma Lamfers
Members:  Judy Clifford, Pam Gardner, Ceil Podzimek
Coordinates and acts as liaison for Charity activity and Sit & Stitch.

Quilt Show
Representative:  Judy Brennan
Alternate:  Sue Tuttle
One person or more than one persons who coordinate(s) the show for the yearly/every 2 year show.

Chair: Trisch Price
Members: Stephanie Dodson, Rita Porter, Dee Sopinski, Leta Richards
Development and maintenance of the website.

Adjunct Groups
Block Exchange
Chair:  Lori Ringwelski

Charity Quilts
Co-Chair: Chris Pease, Chris O’Hare

Charm Squares
Chair: Karen Scott
Members: Rita Porter

Chair: Lynn Droege
Member:  Chelly King

Free Table and Donations
Chair:  Dottie Salchow

Chair: Jane Drugg
Members: Judy Dobbels, Kim Mapes

Mentoring New Members
Chair: Chelly King
Members:  Lauren Bond

Quilt Challenge
Chair: Julie Rounds

Quilted Table
Chair:  Joan Horton

Safe Home
Chair: Barb Franz
Members:  Cathy Buckley and JoAnna Gorthy

Technology Assistant
Leta Richards

Chair: Mindy Peterson

Special Committees
Auditing Committee
Consists of one guild member, appointed by the President to correlate receipts and disbursements of the Guild immediately after the March meeting and report to the membership at the April meeting.

Nominating Committee
Consists of three to five Guild members appointed by the President by December and shall submit a slate for March publication and April vote.

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