Quilt Challenge

2019 Quilt Challenge

This year’s challenge is to make a quilt using just Two Colors of Fabric.

Let’s stretch our creative minds and make a two color quilt!  It is so much fun to see how everyone interprets the same set of guidelines.  Here are the details:

  •   Due at the December 2019 guild meeting.
  •   Use two colors only – prints are fine.  This isn’t a scrappy quilt but you can use a lot of prints that are similar / in the same color family.  It just can’t have a bit of another color if that color isn’t one of your two color choices.
  •   The size minimum is 24″ on each side.
  •   No hanging sleeve.

That’s it!  Put on your two color hat and start planning!  A few examples that might spark an idea:  Classic red and white quilts, Hawaiian Applique,  Crimson and Blue (KU), Purple and White (K-State), Black and Gold (MU), etc.

Prizes!  There are prizes.  Details on this will be given later.

If you have any questions, please contact Julie Rounds – jcircles@att.net




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