UFO Program

2021 UFO (Unfinished Projects)
Chair Mindy Peterson

Deadline for submitting the 2021 list of UFO Projects to Mindy is January 31, 2021.  UFO lists may be mailed to Mindy or email her the list.


  • Projects will be limited to 25 – pick out the 25 projects you think you will finish in 2021 and put them on your list.  If you don’t have 25, that’s okay — you can have less than 25.

  • For the award of the greatest percentage finished, you must complete at least 10 projects.

  • Awards will be given for:

    • Greatest percentage finished

    • Most charity quilts finished

    • Most projects finished

    • Drawings – Your name goes into the drawing for every project finished.  Three (3) drawings will be made.

  • Each charity or Quilt of Valor project finished will give you two (2) entries in the drawing.  Make sure you notate these type of quilts on your UFO list.

Note from Mindy:   Any quilts that you showed at the 2020 Christmas party or the January meetings should go on your list.  Kinda like “freebies”.  I hope everyone will participate.  Even if you have three quilts on your list and finish them, you will get your name into the drawing three times (more if they are charity or Quilt of Valor).  I decided to limit the lists to 25 projects each to make it more challenging to construct your list.  Plus over the year the most we have ever had completed in a year is 20.

New members throughout the year may submit a list to Mindy at any time.

Contact Mindy Peterson with any questions.


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