Welcome to the Blue Valley Quilters Guild. We are a very active group, and you will find details below on our upcoming meeting and activities.


bake bakery baking candy
Holiday Luncheon (see below)
December Meeting

Sit & Stitch

sewing-machineThursday, Dec 12 & Jan 9 – Village Jumbles

Thursday, Jan 23 – Follow up Serger Class

Charm Squares


December – No Exchange



Learn more about the Guild by reading our monthly newsletter, Patchworks.
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December collection – Cash Jar



Olathe Health – Hospice Care

Information & Pattern:

Holiday Luncheon –

  • Bring a salad to share with others.
  •  UFOs – 2019 Results
  •  Toy for Tots – bring a toy to give to a child
  • Two Color Quilt Challenge
  • Block Exchange – Ornament Block
  • Show and Tell

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